Parents & Students

Hi band parents and students.  I hope you find interesting information that helps you develop your musical talents.

Fayette County HS Wind Ensemble,   Kenneth F. Beard, Director

Robinson's Grand Entree March by Karl L. King  Fayette County HS Wind Ensemble at LGPE March,1999

Four Scottish Dances by Malcolm Arnold Fayette County HS Wind Ensemble at LGPE March, 1999

Praise Jerusalem by Alfred Reed   Fayette County HS Wind Ensemble at LGPE March, 1999

Cartoon by Paul Hart  This is a great piece of music and what you're hearing here is an arrangement that we made for the FCHS Marching Tigers' competition show in 2003.  O.K. it was crazy but we had a great time playing around with this show and the music was fun!  This is our complete marching band in a recording session at the end of the season.  Try not to judge it too harshly there were about 200 students playing here.

National Emblem March by Edwin Eugene Bagley performed at LGPE March 2004

Othello by Alfred Reed performed at the LGPE March, 2004.  

Mvt II.
Mvt III.
Mvt IV.

Galactic Empires by David R. Gillingham  performed at the GMEA LGPE, March, 2004.  This is a great piece of music, challenging and fun for both the conductor and the student musician.

The Melody Shop by Karl L. King performed at the GMEA Convention January 27, 2005

Lincolnshire Posy by Percy Grainger performed at the GMEA Convention January 27, 2005.  Lyrics are here thanks to Robert Ambrose.

Mvt. I.      Lisbon (Sailor's Song)
Mvt II.      Horkstow Grange
Mvt. IV.   The Brisk Young Sailor (who returned to wed his true love)
Mvt. V.    Lord Melbourne (War Song)
Mvt VI.    The Lost Lady Found (Dance Song)

Night by Robert Rumbelow  performed at the GMEA Convention January 27, 2005

MVt. I        The Evening Air
Mvt II.        The Faith of a Child
Mvt III.        Darkness Descends: The Never Ending Night (The Loss of Faith)

All Those Endearing Young Charms by Simone Mantia performed at the GMEA Convention January 27, 2005
Demondrae Thurmond Euphonium

Windsprints by Richard Saucedo performed at the GMEA Convention, January 27, 2005

To Tame the Perilous Skies by David Holsinger  performed at the GMEA District VI Large Group Performance Evaluation in March 2005.  After performing at the GMEA Convention at the end of January, we sightread this and began working on it in February.  This is the result of about five weeks of work by the Fayette County students.  There are mistakes, but they did a great job for working on it five weeks.

Tocatta by Girolamo Frescobaldi  performed by the Fayette County HS Symphonic Band (the 2nd band at FCHS) for GMEA LGPE in March, 2005.  This is a great teaching piece if you can get a copy of it.  While it probably isn't by Frescobaldi, it is still a good selection for teaching Baroque Period music.

Lakeside High School - DeKalb County,  David Fairchild, Director

British Eighth March by Zo Elliott    LGPE 2010
Incantation and Dance by John Barnes Chance   LGPE 2009
Vesuvius by Frank Ticheli  LGPE  2010
Yosemite Autumn by Mark Camphouse   LGPE  2010

Woodward Academy Lower School Honor Band

March of the Majestics by Robert Sheldon performed at the Southern Star Music Festival April 23, 2010

Contredanse by Larry Clark performed at the Southern Star Music Festival April 23, 2010

Extreme by Rob Grice performed at the Southern Star Music Festival April 23, 2010