Middle School Band

The site for mentoring Band Directors of all ages.

Rehearsal Techniques & Band Director Strategies

All State Audition Preparation by Kenneth F. Beard

Festival Preparation by Derik Clackum  (This is really good!)

Teaching Articulation Styles  by Bill Melton

Large Group Performance Preparation  by Kenneth F. Beard

Little Things, Big Differences by David Gregory, Director of Bands, Reinhardt University, Waleska, GA. This was presented at the 2011 GMEA In-Service Conference.

Not a Silverback, But Definitely Not a Monkey by Michael Oubre and Audrey Murphy. This was presented at the 2011 GMEA In-Service Conference.

Rehearsal Plan by Kenneth F. Beard, for use to help students understand what must be done to prepare for performance.  Powerpoint version here.

Practice Strategies

The One Two Three Method   by Dr. Douglas Hill, Director of Instrumental Ensembles and Undergraduate Studies Mercer University

Marching Band

Here is a marching band Recruitment Trailer that South Paulding HS made for recruitment from the Middle School.  Seems like a good idea for anyone to copy.

Summer Camps

Encore! Music Camp is a summer band camp for 5th through 9th grade students.

Mercer University has a summer band camp.  The brochure is here, and the website link is here.  It looks like a great staff of teachers!

Athena Music and Leadership Camp / An all girls band and orchestra camp, June 5-9, 2012 

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