GMEA 2015 Clinic "I've Got Rhythm"

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Banddaddy is your site for learning about instrumental (band) music.  It is designed for use by band directors of elementary, middle school and high school aged students with the goal of improving instrumental music through sharing techniques that work.  Articles on this site are written by successful band directors who know how to get results and are willing to share their knowledge with other teachers to enable them to help students.

Content on this website is designed to provide information in a variety of topics from how to teach beginners to how to prepare for important events such as Adjudicated Performances.

Interested in being a Banddaddy Mentor? If you have an interesting perspective on how to teach instrumental music you can be published on Banddaddy.com.  Please contact us at daddy@banddaddy.com if you are interested in sharing articles with others.  

Anyone who has good ideas about how to develop tone quality on trumpet especially for the middle school age, please submit an article!  It is really needed.  Contact me at daddy@banddaddy.com.

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GMEA 2015 Clinic "I've Got Rhythm"

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